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The wait is over! Black Mirror 6 is back after 3 long years

“Expect the unexpected” is how Netflix presented the release of the new season of the most dystopian and fascinating series ever. The future of humanity will no longer be the same, technologies are now part of our daily lives. The series created by Charlie Brooker, will question our anxieties even more and concerns about the world we are living today for the future of tomorrow. The long-awaited day it’s been June 15 on the most popular streaming platform in recent years.

The dystopia continues to be the common thread of all the episodes, 5 in total, which in any case, continue to acquire plots different from each other. This is unlike what it was Black Mirror 5, in which, with its 3 episodes, failed to achieve the hoped success, to the point to assume a definitive end of the British series.

As for the cast, there are many surprises, major and famous actors made their entrance into a world governed by technology and its multiple contradictions. To name a few: Salma Hayek, Annie Murphy, John Hannah, Aron Paul, Danny Ramirez, Josh Hartnett, Michael Cera and many more.

Netflix also wanted to unveil the episodes’ titles hinting at their storylines, let’s find out here in detail:

Joan is awful– (written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Ally Pankiw)

This episode tells the story of a woman whose life is adapted to a TV series by a streaming platform named Streamberry (the graphics and style remains the same of the Netflix platform), without her knowledge. The protagonist will be Salma Hayek. The cast will also include Annie Murphy, Michael Cera, Ben Barnes, Rob Delaney and Himesh Patel.

Loch Henry (written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Sam Miller)

Lock Henry describes the story of a couple who initially embark on a Scottish town to shoot a documentary about nature. Unexpectedly they will unfortunately have to change their plans: they will be intrigued by the history of a local citizen related to disturbing and mysterious events of the past. The cast will include John Hannah, Samuel Blenkin, Monica Dolan, Daniel Portman and Myha’la Herrold.

Beyond the Sea (written by Charlie Brooker and directed by John Crowley)

Beyond the sea is set into an alternate past, at the time when the United States began landing on the Moon in 1969. This episode reports the story of two men employed on a very important mission that will lead them to face dramatic consequences. The cast will include Josh Hartnett, Kate Mare, Aron Paul, Auden Thornton and Rory Culkin.

Mazey Day (written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Uta Briesewitz)

Now, it is the turn of Mazey Day, the story of a very young star who is followed and persecuted by paparazzi, because she seems to be accused of having fled after causing an accident. The cast will include Clara Rugaard, Zazie Beetz and Danny Ramirez.

Demon ’79 (written by Charlie Brooker with Bisha K.Ali and directed by Toby Haynes)

At the end, Demon ’79 portrays the story of a saleswoman who will be forced to commit crimes in a macabre way just to avoid further tragedies. The cast of this episode will be composed by: Paapa Essiedu, Katherine Rose Morley, Anjana Vasan, and David Shields.

Different plots, different themes but what Netflix promises is that after watching the series you will no longer be able to see the future in the same way, by showing us the darkest and mysterious sides of technology. “You imagined it. You waited for it. You feared it” is the sentence you read in the teaser trailer. “Imagining” is not always easy, “waiting” maybe makes us feel restless, “fearing” is what we can experience when the reality we think we know is endangered by a dystopian world apparently far away, yet very close.

After all these premises, we wonder if the series of the great streaming platform worldwide will be able to regain the success so achieved in the shocking first season. The countdown has begun, and it is only up to us to judge what really can leave us speechless in this constantly changing reality always willing to shock us.


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