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LinkedIn celebrates 1 billion members and introduces an AI tool ready to revolutionize the job market

The news had been leaked for a few months due to a leak dating back to July this year, but now it is official: LinkedIn is introducing an AI assistant to help platform members find the best job offers based on their profile and ambitions.

The fact that Microsoft was banking on artificial intelligence is definitely not new. In the last period, the multinational company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has integrated it almost everywhere, from Bing, to Copilot, to GitHub: a consequence of the company’s recent investment of some $10 billion in OpenAI, the nonprofit company engaged in artificial intelligence research. The inclusion of the latter within a social network such as LinkedIn, which meanwhile celebrates its first billion members by entering the social Olympus alongside giants such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, opens up incredible potential that can have a major impact on the job market.

The chatbot, as a job assistant available to premium users, will, thanks to artificial intelligence, allow it to find the best job offers for users, analyzing in the most efficient way possible their skills and profiles, offering suggestions to optimize them in order to make them more attractive to human resources officers taking into account individual ambitions. In this way, the mechanisms of the labor market would be incredibly oiled, facilitating the matching of supply and demand.

This is in addition to the AI tool previously introduced in May, which represented an assistant for users to facilitate the writing of cover letters-a very powerful tool given the platform’s rich database that allows artificial intelligence to provide much more precise and personalized suggestions than any other tool on the various browsers.

The entry of AI within the job market is a potentially revolutionary event and represents an added value for all professionals seeking employment, enabling them to find the best offers and making the search faster and more efficient.

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