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Maxi Xbox Event x Bethesda Games: all new games and new announcements

The Xbox event of the Summer/year in collaboration with Bethesda Games took place on June 12. Ever since the announcement, the length of the showcase, 95 minutes instead of the classic 90, caused fans around the world to cry out for the one more thing last minute.

The event opened with the presentation of a more than expected game, in which it will be possible to put oneself in the shoes of a group of vampire hunters: RedFall and its game play intrigued and amazed all fans. The star of the evening, however, was the last announced, what could be Xbox flagship game of 2023: Starfield, the next big space-themed RPG from Bethesda Games.

Another great fulfilled wait was the one concerning the new Forza Motosport, which with a long and perfectly constructed game play made it clear how much it is aspiring to the generational leap and to making the video game experience as realistic as possible.

Certainly one of the most anticipated announcements was Minecraft Legend, expected in 2023, in which it will be possible to explore, craft and fight in one’s own world in which, however, the game dynamics of the new Minecraft chapter will be flipped and thus all to be discovered.

Overwatch 2 has also been announced, finally confirmed free to play.  One should not forget the collaboration between Xbox and Kojima Productions that will offer a new gaming experience through the use of the Microsoft Cloud.

Also discussed were Diablo 4, Hallow Night: Silksong, Overdose, Scorn, ARK 2, As Dusk Falls, High On Life and A Plague Tale Requiem.

The good news does not end there, in fact it has been announced that for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers, starting next year they will be able to play League of Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant also with substantial bonuses.

Mediability as a communications and marketing agency that provides ongoing support to Microsoft, proudly announces that it is working on the implementation of these exciting new releases through video trailers, banners, and web pages. We can’t wait to let you discover your next favorite game, together with Xbox!


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