Relationships are the heart of our society. Being able to build and maintain them, in our era, is anything but obvious even for a company. That is why referring to a competent and reliable press office can be a real turning point.

Press review service consists in a monitoring activity focused on relevant mentions on local, national and international press and web. This tool is essential to understand what the most reliable sources and institutions say about your Company or Brand.

The means to know and evaluate how much, where and how people talk about you: give and additional value to your media monitoring. Our analysis service, both quantitative and qualitative, is one of the first examples of “MEDIA COVERAGE ANALYSIS” applied to press, tv/radio and web in Italy.

The purpose of our Social Media Reporting service is to show the perception of social media user about specific products and services and, at the same time, to collect data in order to improve it. A Company, thanks to that, has the opportunity to know and assess its popularity on forums, blogs, and social medias, evaluating the marketing activities outcome, according to specific KPI (digital key performance indicators), in comparison with its competitors too.