All Media Review

All Media Review

Press review service consists in a monitoring activity focused on relevant mentions on local, national and international press and web.
This tool is essential to understand what the most reliable sources and institutions say about your Company or Brand.

Monitor all the mentions quickly and exhaustively

Our platform has been developed following our customers specific needs.
Every reviewed article comes with its own full translation in English.
The press review is perfectly user friendly: thanks to specific filters it is possible to find an article in few seconds.
The press review is published twice a day (at 8.30 a.m and at 3.30 p.m.) and an alert e-mail is sent to a previously set list. The tool also gives the possibility to make researches on previous years reviews.

User friendly platform

All the articles include information about newspaper, title, page number and section. The very first lines of the clipping let you identify quickly and accurately the content of the article itself.
It means the article is easily usable, both in its text and pdf version, by clicking on the proper control. Moreover, with a single command, it is possible to open the whole review, a newspaper or a specific topic.
From the same summary it is possible to enter the previous reviews archive, sorting the results by date or making keywords-based researches, thanks to the textual format of the articles.

Entering the archive, it is also possible to consult the press review “live”, as soon as it is uploaded, without waiting for the delivery.
Lastly, opening every reviewed article, it is possible to have further information such as the article real area, the readership and the Advertising Equivalent Value (AVE).