Press Office

Press Office

Relationships are the heart of our society. Being able to build and maintain them, in our era, is anything but obvious even for a company. That is why referring to a competent and reliable press office can be a real turning point.

Press Office: vocation and structure

Mediability offers a press office service capable of meeting any need, whether continuous or occasional or even sudden.

But what does this activity consist of on a practical level? It all starts with weaving relationships: being able to constantly rely on a well-structured and solid network is essential.

For this purpose, it is necessary to build the press office on a team that not only demonstrates essential working skills, but is also characterised by excellent human and relational qualities: from immediate problem solving, to the ability to be multitasking and creative, up to an underscored adaptability to various situations and possible changes during the work.

The rare combination of these characteristics is best expressed in relations with the mass medias, journalists and other press offices, at local, regional and national level and in any communication sector (press, web, radio and TV).

Mediability’s experience in Press Office and Relations

This way, our press office has created over the years a network of contacts and a mailing list that is fed and renewed through a constant flow of news and human relations management.

An essential and crucial activity for the press office daily life revolves around the press releases, short informative texts arranged with the client: which means editing, finding the sending most suitable time, their periodicity and the multimedia materials attached to them.

Everything must be carefully studied and can make a difference.