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Media monitoring: how and why it is useful for companies in the automotive branch

Whatever your company and whatever your product, media monitoring is a useful, if not essential, tool to get an idea of how your business is seen by the outside world.

Media monitoring research takes place in places of virtual socialisation: blogs, social networks, communities and forums, where users often express opinions, personal tastes and share experiences with other users, forming a real environment of mutual listening and participation.

Mediability has been carrying out this task for many years on behalf of various companies. Among other sectors, it deals in particular with the automotive world.

So how can media monitoring help large automotive companies?

  • To follow the enthusiasts

As in every field, the motor sector has a large number of enthusiasts within it (journalists, collectors…). It is therefore important for a company that produces cars to focus on the feedback that certain experts give on new models. And that’s not all: a well-done analysis is also useful in identifying the best influencers in the field and the journalists to contact for invitations or to send out targeted press releases!

  • To analyse buyers’ tastes

Of course, it is not only the enthusiasts, who may be more knowledgeable about engines, but also the simple customers who give important opinions and tastes to the company to improve and evolve.

  • To monitor competitors

There are many manufacturers in the automotive sector, so it is important to monitor not only the new products being released by competitors, but also what people prefer and love most.

It is also important to monitor market trends, to keep abreast of new news and to be aware of physical and technological advances in new engines, so that not only do we have a comprehensive knowledge of the sector in which the company operates, but also allow it to be constantly growing and evolving and meet all market demands.

Media monitoring is therefore a fundamental tool to keep the company’s profile under control and to monitor the real performance of its own production and that of its competitors through the direct word of the buyers. It is a complex job, and for this reason it is essential to turn to professionals in the sector, such as the Mediability team, which professionally carries out a well-structured job that is adapted to the different needs of each company.


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