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Mediability at Maserati's side as new development plans are announced

Maserati, the Italian leader in the production of successful cars that combine performance, design, comfort and elegance, announces new plans for the development, production and electrification of new models in Italy.

Production will be concentrated in the Modena, Cassino and Turin (Mirafiori and Grugliasco) plants. The products will therefore be 100% Italian, equipped with hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems capable of providing both high innovation and high performance, without losing the driving dynamism typical of the brand, offering extended range and ultra-fast recharging capacity.

As far as autonomy is concerned, the vehicle’s near-independence will be guaranteed and, should the driver lose control, an intelligent stop system will be available on the side of the road to avoid any skidding or accidents.

One of the first cars to be produced in 2020 at the Modena plant, which has been almost entirely renovated to house the production of electric vehicles, will be the Maserati Super Sportiva, which will not lose its classic and recognisable model features.

However, the brand’s first ever electric car will be the Maserati Ghibli, also in 2020.

Subsequently, a utility vehicle will be produced at the Cassino plant, which will play a fundamental role for the brand, thanks to its strong technological innovation.

Even the classic and well-known models of the Maserati brand, GranTurismo and GranCabrio, will have their electric version and they will be the first 100% electric models to be produced at the Turin production site, on which FCA is investing no less than 800 million euros.

Maserati, in addition to focusing on the production of increasingly innovative vehicles, is consolidating the importance of Italy in the field of production, thanks to the Modena plant, a reference point for the brand. As far as design is concerned, a low environmental impact paint line will be implemented in Modena: customers will be able to watch their vehicle being painted and a new vehicle personalisation system will also be created.

Maserati’s announcement is in line with FCA’s 2019-2021 investment plan for Italy, which includes the unveiling of new and significantly upgraded vehicles, with 12 new and existing electrified models, including Maserati models.

Mediability has been analysing the press, web, TV and radio coverage of the Maserati brand for over a year and is delighted to be at its side on this important occasion.


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