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Mediability Communication Lab, 20 years + 1: the event for a rebranding with a special flavor

The new frontiers of communication. This was the focus of Meet The Ability, the event organized yesterday, Thursday, May 26, 2022, to celebrate 20 years of Mediability Communication Lab and discover the most innovative technological and digital tools of business communication.

The event, hosted at the premises of Officina della Scrittura in the headquarters of a loyal client such as Aurora Penne and held in the presence of the agency’s historical clients and representatives of local entities, was a success.

The evening was also an ideal opportunity to unveil the company’s rebranding and new logo: a logo created from Mediability’s identifying colors, reflecting the agency’s new brand identity. A change with a special flavor that is meant to be a strong message of innovation, renewal and looking to the future.

And, precisely because of this, with the roots firmly established and aware of the journey so far, after the initial honors by Aurora Penne CEO and Founder of the Officina della Scrittura museum, Cesare Verona, came the story of the real protagonists of this reality, namely the three founding partners: Edoardo Di Pisa, Founder and CEO of Mediability; Cesare Girelli, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the media monitoring and analysis division; and Roberta Vitullo, Founder and Creative Director of the communication and marketing division.

A speech that was an excursus between the agency’s history and its values, with a selection of the most important services it offers. From IT services to the press office, from media monitoring analysis to digital marketing: Mediability has constantly introduced new divisions internally, updating, expanding and improving its offerings.

A truly 360-degree communications agency, almost atypical on the local and national scene in terms of the type and variety of services offered, which have become increasingly broad and varied as time has passed and as society, technology and the digital world have evolved hand in hand.

A new logo, after 20 years of experience: a renewed look to face new challenges with the stubbornness, expertise and passion of always. Mediability Communication Lab continually evolves, staying abreast of new trends and offering increasingly diverse, detailed and integrated services in every field, from digital to offline: Meet The Ability.


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