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Mediability gets the management of the new Press Office and Press Review of Horizon Automotive

Mediability is happy to announce a new collaboration, officially started in January, with Horizon Automotive. The Mobility Hub has decided to entrust the agency with the management of its press office and press review.

Horizon Automotive was founded as a mobility and rental start-up at the beginning of 2020 and, a year later, it already has an important network of customers, having been able to adapt to changes in the automotive market and consumer needs. The company has already achieved a thousand orders in just one year, which is as sensitive as 2020 was.

The main objective is to optimise management costs through personalised and continuous advice that provides the buyer with a “Premium Mobility Experience” by integrating traditional rentals with new mobility needs.

Horizon is the first Mobility Hub in Italy with 2 locations, 24 direct service points, 7 official long-term rental partners and 300 replacement cars. Belonging to two large companies such as Denicar and Autorigoldi and using an innovative online comparison tool, the start-up is able to offer the most suitable choice of car and related technology, meeting the needs of individuals, businesses and professionals and seeking to offer the most effective solutions for every need.

Particular attention is paid to service, increasingly green technologies and innovative vehicle safety systems, offering Hybrid, Plug-in and Full Electric vehicles, with easy access to recharging infrastructures, so that rental cars can be managed independently and comfortably.

Mediability is proud to have been selected by a company like Horizon for the services of production, management and publication of press releases relating to its activities, and is thrilled to be working side by side with an innovative company in the automotive sector.



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