Mediability, Press Office and Press Review: today begins the adventure with Helbiz

6 September 2021

Starting from today Mediability will support Helbiz press office and press review activities. Both companies are proud to announce the beginning of this new collaboration.

Helbiz was founded with the intention of revolutionizing urban mobility, becoming a perfect solution that prioritizes simplicity, sustainability and convenience, with constant technological innovation. For the realization of this goal and to be the ideal choice “for the first and the last mile” it is essential to work in support of both public and private transport, so Helbiz uses only internal staff trained to manage the business, providing greater social responsibility and support to all local communities in which it operates. The watchword is safety, with targeted activities to ensure it in all circumstances.

Helbiz is the first Nasdaq-listed micromobility company and currently operates in three different industries:

  • The core business is Micromobility, through its innovative electric vehicles. An example is the electric scooter Helbiz One designed by Pininfarina, made in Italy, a real top of the range in the field of electric scooters, characterized by an elegant design, unique in its kind, and then Helbiz electric bicycles and scooters, perfect means to cross longer distances in comfort and respecting the environment. To rent Helbiz vehicles, all it takes is a few simple steps after downloading the app: the first is to check the app for the nearest vehicle; once found, scan the QR code to unlock the vehicle; finally, once you’ve finished using it, simply take a photo of the vehicle to ensure it is parked in the most appropriate way.
  • Helbiz Media, through which it is possible to follow the entire Serie B championship, in Full HD, on any device (smartphone, tablet, pc and smart tv) with very low and convenient costs and with an innovative cashback on mobility..
  • Helbiz Kitchen, which with its Multi-order has revolutionized the world of food delivery. Six different cuisines (Pizza, Hamburger, Poke, Salad, Sushi, Gelato by Alessandro Marchetti) but all achievable with a single order, a single transaction, a single delivery. An innovative delivery service for speed and originality, but above all sustainable because completely electric.

Helbiz is a reality that is establishing itself worldwide, it is rapidly spreading in Italy, where it is present in more than 20 cities, in America, where it is present in metropolises such as Miami and Washington, and soon in other continents.

It is a source of pride for Mediability to work alongside a new and very promising company like Helbiz, creating, managing and publishing press releases related to its activities, as well as taking care of the press review service.

A great partner to join Mediability’s most prestigious clients.