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Mediability with CNH at EIMA 2018

A global leader in the capital goods sector, CNH can boast a consolidated worldwide industrial experience thanks to a wide range of products that are always being updated: it is therefore not surprising that the New Holland Agricolture brand, part of the Italian-US industrial group, has just received awards at EIMA International 2018. The biennial international agricultural exhibition is currently being held in Bologna, Italy, from 7-11 November and is bringing numerous innovations to industry experts and interested parties alike.

Evento EIMA 2018

In the last few days, the Technical Innovation Competition organized by FederUnacoma (the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers) has decided to award three prizes to New Holland Agricolture: the Technical Innovation award for the IntelliSense™ system, the Technical Reporting award for the New Holland T5 Auto Command™ series previewed at the event and the Technical Reporting award for the patented Intelligent Trailer Braking System.

Evento EIMA 2018

The first is a new automatic adjustment system available on CR Revelation combines, designed to maximise productivity; the second is due to the innovative HI-eSCR2 exhaust after-cooling system installed under the bonnet of the new New Holland T5 Auto Command™ series; finally, the intelligent trailer braking system has the merit of increasing tractor stability under deceleration and improving operator safety.

Evento EIMA 2018

For the unmissable event in Bologna, Mediability is also present these days: our representatives, who work closely with CNH on a daily basis through organic media analysis, owned media analysis and social media analysis tasks, are in fact attending EIMA. This is yet another demonstration of the constant attention that Mediability devotes to its customers.


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