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Metaverse: between reality and digital

Mark Zuckerberg opens the boundaries of reality through the META platform.

Modern information technologies are bringing fundamental changes to our working and living environments. We are talking about telecommuting, telebanking and e-commerce in markets, businesses, banks and virtual department stores that exist only in global information and communication networks that transcend space and time.

The “virtual network” is already an extended field of research in computer science in which we can experience computer-generated scenarios of nature, technology and medicine. With the Internet and the World Wide Web, we already live and work in virtual network worlds where we store our knowledge, plan innovations, do business, and seek relaxation and entertainment.

“You can instantly teleport as a hologram to be in your office without going back and forth from home, to a concert with friends, or to your parents’ living room”. Mark Zuckerberg explains his metaverse this way: it is a universe in which reality and the digital are connected.

Days in the metaverse are similar to those in the world we know. People can form relationships through their avatars, work, sleep and engage in their hobbies. Before Zuckerberg, it was already possible to interact with digital realities that had characteristics of what the Facebook owner called the Metaverse. It has happened throughout virtual communities such as in the games The Sims, Fortnite and Minecraft. Millions of players around the world play for hours through their avatars.

Now it is possible not only on this type of platform, but Zuckerberg has decided to add the avatar option on another of the social media most used by young people: Instagram. This decision was made following the choice made by Snapchat to include the metaverse on its own platform as well.

While some think Zuckerberg has taken too great a burden for the future of our society, others think he has paved the way for a new way of seeing and thinking.

We at Mediability are always interested in and open to the world of new technologies, engaging in these areas in a comprehensive way. Contact us for more information about our services.


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