Microsoft 365, offer changes and Microsoft Family Safety arrives: all the news

8 March 2021

The attention to details and the care for the customer, with a thought always aimed at facilitating him, are synonyms of usual, serious and winning realities. And it’s no coincidence that at Microsoft, the news never really stops.

It’s been about a year now since the famous restyling that took place in early 2020, with the much talked about change that led Office 365 to become Microsoft 365, in fact making quite a few changes. A year later, here’s another novelty: a promotion not to be missed designed specifically for customers in this period so complex at a general level.

In fact, Microsoft is changing its offer: starting February 1, 2021, with the purchase of a new PC or an eligible product and the addition of Microsoft 365, you get 3 months of extra use for free. In fact, in this way, the duration of a subscription grows from 12 to a full 15 months, while maintaining the same overall price.

This is no small discount, considering that premium Office applications, free technical support and 1TB of storage space in OneDrive are now practically indispensable in personal and family life to stay connected, protect documents and manage them without limits, thanks also to the instant transfer of files from PC to mobile.

As usual, you can choose between two formulas: the Personal package (for a single person) or the Family one (shareable up to 6 people), installable on unlimited devices and accessible through your Microsoft account.

The novelties, however, aren’t finished: not to be missed is in fact the Microsoft Family Safety pack, which provides a large number of features for the family and in view of parental control, letting you create healthy habits, limiting access to certain sites and ensuring safe browsing.

Also in the context of this important change of offer, Mediability is providing its services for the creation of graphic material intended for the social world but also for printed communication at points of sale, and is pleased to continue to walk side by side with a reality such as Microsoft.