Microsoft acquires Bethesda: exclusives and news for Xbox Game Pass coming soon

29 March 2021

The news was expected and now it’s finally reality: the video game giant Bethesda and its studios have officially become property of Microsoft. A shot long studied and finalized in the very recent period, which is loaded with an importance not only symbolic but effective as regards the market impact. With the acquisition of Bethesda/Zenimax, the Xbox brand wanted to respond to its usual rivals, in particular, on the subject of exclusives.

The operation was also confirmed by Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, through a social post: in this is reiterated the mission of the company, an ever greater inclusiveness. The label of Redmond, with this acquisition, has given a real breakthrough to the gaming sector. Let’s find out why.

Xbox: from Bethesda some exclusive games

The one related to exclusives is an increasingly hot topic nowadays, and one of the most important and consistent fruits of this new union will be just that: the affiliation with Bethesda will lead to the release of some titles – also of high importance – exclusively on Microsoft platforms, Xbox and PC. At the moment there are still no leaked rumors about the games directly involved, but it is clear how it is a decisive change of gear.

News coming soon to Xbox Game Pass

Not only: the revolution does not stop at what has been told so far, but also involves Xbox Game Pass and does so immediately. A breath of fresh air has arrived as soon as the two companies have sealed the deal, with the expansion of the offer present in the Xbox Game Pass subscription: in fact, more than twenty Bethesda titles have been immediately added to the platform.

The one just described represents a sensitive and significant turning point even for a colossus like Microsoft, including Xbox. Mediability can therefore only be proud and proud to accompany these realities in their journey, continuing to provide communication services: newsletters, banners, assets for social, landing pages and printed graphics for stores.