Microsoft offers Teams to everyone: an opportunity not to be underestimated

19 March 2020

The increase in forms of prevention towards COVID-19 has pushed many companies, large or small, towards what is now known as ‘smartworking’. Microsoft has therefore extended its offer to the public and has made the use of Teams, the app designed specifically for working from home, completely free of charge, without having to take out an annual Office 365 subscription.

The purpose of this application is quite clear: it allows a group of collaborators, colleagues and friends to create a kind of ‘virtual room’ in which they can work and communicate freely, just as if they were all in an office.

And that’s not all: Microsoft Teams offers users a wide range of communication tools. In fact, it is possible to create groups and channels dedicated to a specific topic, selecting the contacts with whom to communicate and using one’s own Internet connection, regardless of the device used.
In addition, Teams makes the exchange of files and documents between users immediate through a dedicated space called ‘SharePoint’ created specifically for each team using the application, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming process of exchanging emails that slows down productivity.

In addition, you can choose to create text chats with your co-workers or initiate audio and video calls with other users in the group, with the possibility of inviting external users, just like in a ‘normal’ meeting. To make video conferencing even better, Microsoft Teams allows you to share your screen with the rest of the participants in the conversation, making the explanation of complex points in your speech much smoother and speeding up the decision-making process. If, on the other hand, you want to start an online training session or show more complex presentations, the application offers the possibility to start streaming to multiple users, ensuring that the session is recorded if necessary.

This kind of service is what makes Microsoft one of the biggest IT companies in the world: using this app, and all other Microsoft products, will make working from home easy, fast and immediate, creating an environment of constant collaboration between all employees, even from miles away.

Mediability, which has been in charge of the American giant’s communications for years, is creating newsletters, landing pages and banners to communicate all the features of Teams at this very difficult time for our planet, in the hope that we can return to normal soon.