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Microsoft once again in the spotlight: a 2024 full of surprises on the way

Microsoft will certainly be the main character of the upcoming year, thanks to the many exclusives which will be released during 2024.

After the confirmation of the purchase of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft became the third biggest videogame company in the world, and thanks to Xbox, is able to guarantee a lot of different releases which are already creating hype among the gamin community. Additionally, Xbox Game Studios will finally have the great chance to show what their gaming division is capable of.

Among the most interesting titles Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 finds a place for sure. A third-person action-adventure game that, even if does not have an official date release, is generating interest among fans. It will allow gamers to live a brutal surviving experience through the myth and torment of Iceland during its Viking era. List is enriched by names such as Robot at Midnight, an RPG happening on a different planet with a futuristic reality full of intense fights, gigantic monsters, and satiric robots. Also, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 which certainly represents one of the most convincing news of the company.

It impossible not to add the most eagerly awaited games of the year at the list. We are talking about one-of-a-kind games which, due to some problems related to their development, they have no official news. You can be sure that, in this 2024, everybody will hear a lot about Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, immersive, first-person horror shooter. Its name will be accompanied by the survival game Ark 2, created in Unreal Engine 5, which will bring a fresh new air full of new features in the newest generation of modern games.

The last two titles, although not in terms of importance, that enhance an already deep list of novelties are 33 Immortals, an incredible story set in a dungeon inspired by the Divine Comedy, where players can engage in battles between damned souls, and Avowed, developed by the software house Obsidian Entertainment, already well-known for classics like Fallout New Vegas. Avowed will be a first-person RPG set in a medieval fantasy universe, filled with sword fights and magical duels.

In conclusion, the latest game releases for Microsoft’s Xbox once again demonstrate the company’s consistent commitment to providing extraordinary and engaging gaming experiences. Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a year marked by a wide variety of games, new features, and gaming experiences richer than ever before. Microsoft proves once again to be at the forefront in all sectors, including gaming, continually expanding the Xbox universe.

Mediability, as Microsoft agency, is proud to be at the side of Xbox, being able to support it in all its communication needs, as such video-making, banners creation, materials for retail points materials and social media posts.


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