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Microsoft presents Surface Laptop 4: available from tomorrow, here's everything you need to know

It was a presentation highly expected and did not disappoint expectations: it is news of recent weeks, the official launch by Microsoft of its latest product in the field of portable computers. We are obviously talking about the Surface Laptop 4, icon of a new generation of laptops to be discovered, the result of a clear innovation compared to its predecessors.

The “unveiling” of the product was made a few days ago, towards the middle of April, but the product is not yet officially available for purchase: it will be on the market from tomorrow, April 27, 2021. Anticipated then the time compared to the process that was followed – two years ago – for the Surface Laptop 3, released in October.

But, in this regard, what are the main differences and innovations that distinguish the product? The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 will be available in two versions: one 13.5″ and the other 15″, and also in this case it will be possible to choose between Intel or ADM processor, with relative variants and possibilities in both cases.
In general, the most consistent and expected novelties are those related to a greater presence of external ports (especially for professionals and creatives) and the battery in terms of power and resistance. Microsoft has certainly taken care of these kinds of details, able to make a difference, while not distorting the product: a reasoned choice, with a view to giving continuity to a line that in recent years has given birth to numerous products and has met the appreciation of the public and critics.

Microsoft proves to be a cutting-edge company with an eye always turned to the future, in a constant perspective of innovation: Mediability renews the pride of working side by side with a winning reality, continuing to provide communication services: newsletters, banners, assets for social media, landing pages and printed graphics for stores.



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