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Microsoft, the Next-Gen: new versions of Xbox, Series X and Series S coming soon

Two innovative and revolutionary gaming experiences. Xbox Series X and Series S: here are the release dates, pricing, specifications and all the details you need to know about the two new consoles.

Described as the “fastest and most powerful Xboxes ever”, the information needed to know all the specifics of Microsoft’s most talked about consoles of September has finally been announced. While at first there was talk of only one console, the Series X, it was then confirmed that there would be a Series S, slightly more affordable and less powerful than its “big sister”. A Tweet posted by Microsoft’s official account finally announced the release date for both consoles: 10 November. But let’s find out together…

Xbox Series X and Series S: a minimalist concept

The overall design remains minimal in both style and colour. The two consoles, however, differ in form and colour: a total white look for the Series S, which is 60% smaller than the Series X, which sports a total black look. The Series S is probably designed to be placed in the classic horizontal position and has a large, circular ventilation surface on top. The S Series is probably designed to be placed in the classic horizontal position and has a large, circular ventilation grille on top. The larger S Series could be mistaken for a computer.

The pads on the new Xboxes, which will still be rechargeable wireless controllers, will retain compatibility with previous models, although they are expected to be slightly smaller than what we are used to. They will feature a new Share button in the centre and the distance between the two main buttons will be smaller, allowing even the smallest gamers to play optimally.

Along with the release date, Microsoft also announced the prices: $499 for the Series X and $299 for the Series S. The differences between the two consoles allow customers to make a price assessment based on the performance it offers. Microsoft has also created a monthly subscription formula called “Xbox All Access” (not yet active in Italy). This allows the console to be purchased in monthly instalments, $35 in the case of Series X and $25 per month for Series S for 24 months. Microsoft could not have offered more alternatives to its loyal players.


Comparing technical differences

The two consoles have the same features in terms of gaming usability, will have the same dashboards and games can be interchangeable and backward compatible with previous models. So what is the main difference between the two consoles?

The Xbox Series S is designed for a totally online experience. Essentially, it doesn’t have a disc slot, so all games will have to be purchased online from the Xbox Store (so it won’t be possible to use it as a Blu-ray player). Also, being smaller than the Series X, it will have a smaller memory capacity (10 Gigabytes of RAM versus 16 for the X).

The other differences mainly concern the behind the scenes of the gaming experience, the actual hardware. The Xbox Series X aims for native 4K, while the Series S brings in a support, the scaler, which increases the resolution of the console on whatever TV you play, turning it into 4K.

In conclusion, this is a new fundamental milestone in the production of Microsoft: Mediability, directly involved, continues to stand by this important brand by offering communication services: newsletters, banners, assets for social media, landing pages and printed graphics for points of sale.



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