Nano influencers: a new marketing strategy in the web 2.0 era

31 July 2019

When we talk about “influencers”, how many of us usually think of the famous and highly paid faces of the social world? People who certainly enjoy credibility, personality and who have the power, thanks to their numbers (we are talking about millions or hundreds of thousands of followers) to influence the choices of many people, from teenagers to forty-year-olds, but who are sometimes perceived as too ‘distant’ by the very people who usually follow and admire them.

Beyond this gap, which has become insurmountable, there has also been a saturation in the sector. In fact, the world of mega influencers – as we might call these figures – is at a standstill: there are now many, perhaps too many of them.

In the last few months, American companies have realised this situation and have adopted a new strategy: that of turning to so-called nano influencers, people whose profiles are followed by a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 10,000 followers, and this trend has recently started to be followed by European companies.

For a company, contacting nano influencers for their advertising campaigns and to promote their products can be a huge advantage: they are easier to reach than mega influencers, they have a more direct and genuine relationship with their followers, and at the same time they have a number of followers who are highly loyal to their content and opinions.
While mega-influencers sometimes give the impression that they are driven by purely economic motives and do not really believe in what they are sponsoring, nano-influencers are much more credible in the eyes of followers.
Last but not least, especially from a corporate perspective, the cost of collaborations with nano influencers is much lower and often, instead of an actual financial reward, it is sometimes enough to send the products involved in the collaboration in return, thus allowing the company to save money that should not be underestimated.

Mediability’s various ‘tasks’ also include profiling all the influencers that the individual company might engage to sponsor its brand, and of course analysing them to see what effect has been achieved. In addition to the analysis of channels and followers (by gender, number and age), it is possible to analyse the social profiles of a given influencer in depth, to understand how suitable he or she might be for our campaign and to study a marketing campaign to enhance the brand’s value.

Choosing the right influencer is the best way to stand out in today’s content-saturated market: trust our expertise, we’re here for you!