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Networking: what does it consist of and how it can be useful to you

Have you ever heard of networking? We’ll explain it to you!

Any leader in the marketing industry will tell you that in order to be successful in business, you also need to know and use networking.

This tool is essential to create a network of contacts possibly interested in your profession. Accordingly, networking consists of “working in a network” which in turn allows us to create new relationships based on mutual trust. Professionally speaking, it means establishing a reciprocal relationship with these people, thanks to which an exchange of ideas, advice, information and contacts is generated.

This is a slow process and one must be patient since the goal is to create lasting relationships and this is not always easy. In order to gain new clients, it is first necessary to gain their trust. Always pose in a “friendly and generous” manner so that, at the end of each conversation, the interlocutor is happy to have been not only contacted, but also fully understood in his or her requests.

If you are wondering how to get started on this path, the answer is in your contact list!

In fact, we all already possess a “dormant” network consisting of friends, former colleagues or friends of friends. No need to start with new people: just contact those we already know by offering our service. Precisely because these people are now in other social or professional circles and in turn may provide a lot of information that you would not have expected.

When you meet new people, try to intrigue them by explaining what your profession is all about. The best networking happens when people get together casually, not at targeted events.

At the same time, be curious yourself, do not back down. Don’t be afraid to call or meet with the referrers who recommended you. Send cover letters that emphasize your merits, portraying yourself as the solution to the problem. Cultivate contacts with external clients to use to your advantage later-it is a good strategy behind effective networking.

Submit references-they provide a solid foundation for your skills.

There are also networking events, often for a fee and characterized by rather strict rules of participation, created with the goal of bringing together several people from different work areas to give them the opportunity to make new acquaintances. But also very useful conventions, conferences, fairs and congresses.

If you happen to attend one of these events, don’t be shy and instead try to gain as much experience from it as possible! It doesn’t matter if your background is less rich than that of other participants: the topic is of interest to you and that is what matters.

The introductory presentation at the beginning of the meeting is the time to begin to distinguish yourself and intrigue attendees so that they will want to learn more about the topic. An effective presentation is often the key to success. It will enable you to meet new professionals, new possible clients and new experts.

Most importantly, cultivate relationships!

That is precisely the goal of the whole process: to create relationships and nurture them in order to get what you are looking for. It is not enough to just attend events and hand out your business card: you have to maintain contacts, nurture them and keep up to date. Networking can really help you give that extra boost to your career that you needed.

For years, Mediability has been working in the field of all-round communication and is always attentive to the innovations inherent in that field: networking is certainly one of them. Contact us for more information on all our services.


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