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New advertising strategies and Social Media Listening: everything you need to know

Communication is constantly evolving, and so are the strategies used to study it. One of the most innovative and important methods today is social media listening: a circular analysis process that offers concrete and targeted results, but incredibly not yet known, appreciated and used by everyone. Yet, it is an element that any marketing strategy should contain. Why? Let’s try to understand it.

Social media listening is basically a mechanism aimed at improving, in qualitative and quantitative terms, communication strategies and the choices from which they are composed, through a process of data collection, processing and analysis. The essential feature is, however, that these data come directly from users, provided by them even without any particular awareness.

The process therefore basically consists of listening to the network and the insights that its users can offer: even a single post in its social existence is a more or less conscious producer of data. This is the core of the matter. Listening to the client-user and studying the direct or indirect signals he or she offers us, putting him or her in a central position, giving him or her a leading role within our analysis (of a completely innovative kind): this is what companies and brands are implementing with increasing intensity, so as to be able to understand, predict and satisfy the demands of the public and define the so-called web reputation.

By combining this with a well-structured sentiment analysis, it becomes possible for companies to channel their production flows into areas that are well targeted and certainly appreciated. Of course, as mentioned above, it is clear that social media play a key role in enabling companies to understand the direction in which their target audience is headed.

So this is what social media listening is: a new, simple and very useful marketing strategy. A tool that Mediability also uses to relate to its customers (above all CNH and FPT) and offer them the best possible analysis and data collection service.



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