New Facebook Ads format to test products before buying them

26 July 2018

The new ads offer brands an additional tool to enhance the omnichannel experience.

Increasingly interactive, Facebook has for some time now been experimenting with a new ad format that uses augmented reality to offer an unprecedented tool to further digitalise (and simplify) the lives of its users.

Thanks to AR (Augmented Reality) tools, Facebook will give users the possibility to virtually “try on” different types of products (e.g. sunglasses) directly from their Home (both virtual and physical) before buying them!

Facebook smartphone

This type of advertisement will appear directly in the feed of all those users who are exposed to the communication of a specific brand.

By clicking on the image of the advertisement – as the call to action itself suggests – it will be possible to wear the advertised product, simply by activating the camera of one’s smartphone.

At this point, after ‘trying it out’, you can finalise your purchase by clicking on the appropriate button in the ad and landing directly on the brand’s eCommerce site.

Rehearsals in the virtual Facebook dressing room

Never before has the idea of being able to go shopping from the comfort of your sofa at home, instead of standing in long queues at the fitting room and then at the checkout, been so appealing!

Of course, the ‘physical’ shopping experience is a difficult process to replicate, but eCommerce is a market in continuous expansion and the statistics speak for themselves: it seems that active users, who are currently around 38.41 million, will amount to 41.3 million by 2022 (source: Statista, June 2018).

The fashion segment is also the one with the largest market volume in Italy, and the new Facebook Ads only wink at this trend.

Michael Kors was the first brand to test Facebook AR Ads and Sephora and Bobbi Brown, both cosmetics companies, are also collaborating with Facebook in the introduction of this new tool!

sephora collection smartphone

The biggest obstacle remains the reliability of a virtual test compared to a physical one. Facebook is already working in this direction, developing a new system capable of virtually replicating the shape of the human body in an even more realistic and accurate way. In short, the social network is taking a further step towards bridging the gap between life off and online.

“People have always gone to the shop and done this kind of action. People still like to have that kind of experience, but they’d like to try it at home. This innovation will serve as a bridge between what you can do in store and what you can do directly on the site,” said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Vice President of Product Marketing at Facebook.

Communication strategies for omnichannel shopping

This new Facebook ad format gives marketers the opportunity to enrich their communication strategies with the objective of selling, promoting products or eCommerce.

Shopping becomes even more omnichannel and Facebook paves the way for new shopping habits that will soon be an even more profitable sales channel.

Obviously, this innovation will also land on Instagram which, through Stories, will give its users an even more interactive and exciting eShopping experience!