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Next@Acer 2021: 26 new products unveiled, here's all the news

An incredible success: that’s how next@acer 2021 can be defined. The most eagerly awaited Global Press Conference in recent times by technology lovers around the world did not disappoint and indeed, in the wake of the events of past years, impressed if possible as never before. As many as 26 new products were presented by Acer, for a day that really won’t be easily forgotten.

The global press conference was held, live, on October 13, 2021 and truly opened the door to a future of innovation, incredible strides and an increasingly direct look at ecological issues. All this was next@acer 2021. But let’s go in order and try to list below all the news presented by the brand based in Taipei, going by families.

Starting with desktops: a category that has expanded to include the Veriton Vero Mini and the Predator Orion 7000, the powerful PC equipped with Intel Alder Lake processors that is the main attraction of this family of devices. Attention also to monitors, a category that has been renewed considerably with the introduction of Vero BR277, Acer CB273U, Acer VE246Q and Nitro XV272U KF.

In spite of this hoard of new devices, the eyes have been mainly focused on a third category: laptops, the most awaited and the one that has aroused the most interest in the public. There are even 13 new models presented only for this type of devices, with an absolutely incredible variety of specifications and features.

Si tratta, in ordine, dei portatili Aspire Vero, TravelMate Vero, ENDURO Urban N3, TravelMate Spin P4, Chromebook Spin 514, ChromeBook Enterprise Spin 514, Chromebook 515, Chromebook Enterprise 515, Chromebook 514, Chromebook Spin 314, ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition, ConceptD 3 Ezel e ConceptD 3.

The importance of the Aspire Vero in terms of environmental impact and green issues has to be underlined. In addition to all this, however, there were also presentations for the Predator Gaming Desk, the Macaron Vero and Acer Bluetooth Mouse B501, the Acer KM501 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse kit, the ENDURO Urban T3 tablet and the Predator GM712, Acer L811 and Predator GD711 4K projectors.

Mediability is proud to walk alongside a revolutionary and proactive company, as once again Acer has shown itself, through the constant services of analysis, press review and creation, management and publication of press releases related to its activities.



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