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PressMediaLAB alongside OnShop: the digital cash that's revolutioning the online shopping world

A new reality aspires to revolutionize the world of digital payments: we are talking about OnShop, the pioneering digital cash that aims to eliminate the need for the use of credit cards, wallets and the support of bank accounts during online purchasing dynamics, making the purchasing experience simpler and safer, so as to protect the security of users during transitions.

The strength of OnShop lies in its accessibility, in fact, to start using this revolutionary service all you need to do is go to one of the 100,000 authorized retailers, open 24 hours a day and distributed among selected tobacconists, bars, supermarkets and electronics stores, testimony to how much the company relies on its presence in the territory to be close to its customers, and purchase by card or cash your voucher that can be used right away. From now on, buying through the Internet will take on a totally different flavor, thanks to the incredible security guaranteed by the service.

The purchasing process presents, in fact, a few essential steps to be able to shop online with total peace of mind, thanks to a double pair of PINs: the first provided at the moment the voucher is purchased and the second, generated at the moment and usable only once, forwarded via SMS before finalizing the online procedure and making the payment. A simple and effective method that not only stands to protect user security, but also offers an incredible range of benefits for e-commerce businesses as well.

Thanks to the absence of fixed costs associated with the use of the platform, since no investment is required from a technological standpoint, let alone an activation fee, and the absence of monthly fees, given the company’s policy of requiring payment only when a sale is made by partner companies, OnShop stands above the competition in terms of the support guaranteed to those who choose to rely on its payment method, and companies are recognizing the efforts of the ambitious entity.

OnShop therefore aims to revolutionize the online shopping landscape in an inclusive way by protecting both parties, both buyers and retailers, guaranteeing anyone access to a convenient and secure payment method, a new promoter of the growth of e-commerce in Italy.

PressMediaLAB, always attentive to the most exciting news, is proud to support this ambitious reality in its growth path, supporting OnShop in its communication and PR activities.


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