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Profession: copywriter

Every day we come across advertisements, videos and slogans of all kinds, without ever stopping to think about who might be the mastermind behind those catchy puns? We are talking about the figure of the copywriter, one of the many professions in the world of communication that has acquired an increasingly important role in modern companies.

Basically, the copywriter is the person who does the copywriting (and that sounds simple). Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive content and requires different techniques depending on the medium. Therefore, the copywriter is the one who strives to create interesting texts, suitable for the web and for sales, which attract the attention of the target audience and get across the correct message that the company wants to convey.

To be a successful copywriter you need to know your target audience and, using so-called persuasive copywriting, be able to channel into your own words the needs your audience needs to see fulfilled or be able to describe your product in such realistic words that you are able to ‘touch the product through the screen’.

A good copywriter knows how to strike the right chords to hit the right note: it only takes a few words to win over a customer, but even fewer are enough to lose the audience’s attention. It’s important not to overdo it, always be careful with the terms you use and always have your end goal in mind.

But which ones are the tricks to become a good copywriter? Here are some:

  1. Setting a target: first of all, it is essential to be clear about who you want to communicate with and what you want to say to them. Knowing your target audience is important in order to be able to direct your communication in the best possible way and achieve the best result with the least effort. Once you have clarified this, never forget it!
  2. Writing correctly: sounds like trivial advice, but it is not to be underestimated. Knowing how to write grammatically correctly in the language you are working in will make your work clean, presentable and, above all, reliable. Always re-read your texts!
  3. Being creative: creativity is the basis of a copywriter’s work. Be inspired by your surroundings and find out what your audience likes, but above all be inventive and come up with new and fresh ideas to keep the interest level high!
  4. Approaching the public: using informal language, giving advice and becoming ‘friends’ with your audience is the best way to secure the trust of customers and to attract new ones. Only by getting to know your audience will you be able to understand their wishes and needs and tailor your offer accordingly.
  5. Editorial calendar: the publication calendar should be your best friend. Our suggestion is to divide up the posts to be published or the articles to be included in your blog and to plan in advance where to take your company: this will allow you to have a clear and well-structured idea of what you want to publish and how to do it.

The list could go on and on, but if these tips already seem complicated to you, don’t get discouraged! Mediability has years of experience in this field: contact our experts and the world of marketing and communication will have no more secrets!


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