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To ask who they are, what they look like, what their skills are, no one could give an answer. Mythological beings halfway between the TV or smartphone screen and reality, suspended between truth and fiction.

And yet everyone, absolutely everyone, knows who we are talking about when we say the term ‘influencer’.

Literally, an influencer is ‘a person who is able to influence the tastes and choices of a given audience’, directing their behaviour, their way of dressing, their culinary tastes, their hairstyles, even their pose in selfies. A figure as old as the world (just think of the royals of all time, footballers, actors, singers, teenage idols) if it were not that social networks have transformed, almost overturned everything.

Who is an influencer today? An influencer is a person who is specialised and active in creating content on a specific sector/topic, with a large following on the web. A social influencer is not simply a person who is popular on the Net, but a person who is able to influence the opinions of others; provide detailed information on an ongoing basis; produce content that is shared / reposted / retweeted / commented on by others; generate a community of followers around their profile who are active on a given topic.

They are not simply abstract figures, but the influencer has long played a strategic role in the corporate marketing and communication processes of many companies. In particular, after testing a product or service, influencers share their experiences and comments on the various social platforms: from YouTube videos to blog articles, from Facebook posts to Instagram stories. The risk, of course, is that companies will hunt them down and pay for influencers’ opinions and comments; a risk that is now, in fact, one of the most significant items in a marketing plan: the influencer is becoming a real occupation, the aspiration of many, very active cybernauts.

Naturally, two questions arise as a result:

  • how do you become an influencer?
  • How do you choose the right influencer for your marketing campaign? Is online popularity really enough?

Many analysts and commentators agree that the answer to both questions is personality. An ordinary person can become an influencer if they have a strong and distinctive personality, and if they can impose it on the web.

As a result, companies of all kinds are increasingly choosing a strong personality to present themselves to the market: for this reason, one of the services offered by companies such as Mediability is the search for the most suitable influencers for the brand you want to sponsor and, consequently, the relative analysis that allows you to see what effect has been achieved. Choosing the right influencer is the best way to stand out in a content-saturated market like today’s: rely on our expertise, we are here for you!


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