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Profession: Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the professional figure responsible for managing a company’s social network activities.

The job of the Social Media Manager is to grow the brand’s online presence, improve brand awareness, create customer engagement and participation, generate contacts and, last but not least, build audience loyalty.

After identifying your target audience and studying it in depth, there are several points that the Social Media Manager deals with in order to build the perfect communication strategy:

  1. Creating and planning an editorial calendar of social posts, using all your creativity to capture the attention of followers and gain new ones.
  2. Developing brand identity, i.e. highlighting the best aspects of the brand in an appealing way in order to consolidate brand identity.
  3. Managing the visual side of social media: profile images, photographs, video ads, eye-catching copy.
  4. Creating social advertising campaigns and studying with the company the best way to enhance the brand and let followers know about the products on sale.
  5. Devising new and original methods to implement user engagement, through interactive posts, polls, games, questions and other techniques, in order to increase loyalty.

The Social Media Manager therefore does not simply create content, but also manages the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), starting with the study of the audience and its interests, with the final objective of creating the best advertising strategy for the chosen target audience.

To become the perfect Social Media Manager, you need to know social networks like the back of your hand and have innate communication and creative skills: it’s not an immediate job at all, and choosing the right person to rely on can be crucial to giving your business the right boost. For this reason, turning to the Mediability team and its Web Marketing and Social Media Strategy services is the best choice you could make for your business: we will accompany you in the study of your audience and in the creation of advertising strategies tailored to you. Our portfolio is full of well-known companies that have already chosen us to manage their social media with the creativity and precision that has always distinguished us.


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