Psychology and Covid-19: Mediability alongside the Ordine Psicologi Piemonte for the 5th edition of the National Day

12 October 2020

On Saturday 10 October, the 5th National Psychology Day was celebrated in Italy. This is a very sensitive issue, especially considering the period of health emergency due to Covid-19. Among the various repercussions that the daily reality of the last few months has had, there is no doubt that the psychological well-being of the population, both Italian and worldwide, has been put to the test.

It is no secret that the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have brought both public aspects, such as education, services and businesses, and private aspects, such as interpersonal relationships, to their knees. Even today, months after the start of the pandemic, the consequences and impact of the health, social and economic emergency in our country are still being assessed.

The Order of Psychologists of Piedmont organised a series of initiatives throughout the week from 5 to 11 October on the theme of the “Right to Psychological Health” in relation to the difficult historical period we are facing.

The highlight of this series of events was undoubtedly the Press Conference for the presentation of the Event, which was held on Monday 5 October at the headquarters of the Ordine degli Psicologi del Piemonte, starting at 10:00. The event saw the participation of numerous speakers, including institutional representatives and experts from various sectors, each of whom had the opportunity to focus on the relationship between psychology and their own field.

The day was opened by Dr Giancarlo Marenco, President of the Ordine degli Psicologi del Piemonte. Dr. Riccardo Bernardini and Dr. Andrea Lazzara (Secretary and Treasurer of the Order) also made their valuable contributions, and in particular Prof. Georgia Zara (Vice President of the Order), who presented a survey conducted by analysing the data provided by a ‘Stressometer’: the instrument, capable of quantifying the stress level of the subjects examined, showed an indisputable increase compared to the pre-Coronavirus period.

Next, Dr Riccardo Falcetta (Surgeon, Specialist in Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene) and Prof. Alessandro Zennaro (Director of the Department of Psychology, University of Turin) spoke. Finally, it was the turn of Dr. Fabrizio Manca (Director General of the Piedmont Regional School Office) who addressed and explained, in general terms, the evolution of the Covid-19 situation in Italy.

The event was widely attended, involving a large number of media and newspapers: not only in local and regional terms, but also in terms of national reference points. All this ensured a great deal of coverage on the television networks, thus enabling the population to be made as aware as possible of such a sensitive and topical issue.

For this event, the Ordine degli Psicologi del Piemonte decided to entrust Mediability with the organisation and management of the event. It was a real pleasure for our team to take on this experience alongside this institution and to dedicate ourselves to the services of, among others, organisational secretariat, reception of the public on site, photographic service and supply of gadgets.