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When real estate becomes dynamic: Investitore immobiliare in cantiere

Andrea Vendola and his AV Group

It is probably the etymology of the term that conditions us, but when we talk about real estate (and more generally about the real estate market) inevitably the mind constructs an idea of static. This is partly the case, impossible to deny; but what if instead we discovered that this world is more dynamic than we might think? The terms dynamic and immobile might be conflated in the same sentence, but a young man from Turin has managed to marry the two concepts, unifying them and creating something new, offering a “taste” of what has now become his profession.

Andrea Vendola is in fact a real estate investor, an emerging and innovative figure in the new Italian real estate scene. Already in 2013, in the guise of a young student, he began to take his first steps in the real estate world, sensing the great potential of the new profession. 2018 saw the birth of his company, AV Group, which specializes in real estate investments and the repositioning, as well as redevelopment, of local real estate assets.

The company aims to meet the needs of those who are looking for a turnkey solution, or of young university students who are aiming for more comfortable rental solutions, Turin being home to two very important university hubs such as UniTo and PoliTo. AV Group’s strategy is to purchase unsold or disused properties, thus not subject to real estate auctions, which are then renovated and put back on the market with a whole new look.

A small reality that has the great ambition, as well as the potential, to spread throughout the country. One of the steps toward achieving this goal was taken on May 14, the day on which the first event dedicated to aspiring real estate investors took place: it was “Real Estate Investor on Construction Site,” the first tour led by Andrea Vendola himself to the various construction sites in the Turin area to discover the practical secrets of the profession. The goal? To lay the practical foundations to help new real estate investors acquire applied knowledge in the field; in other words, to temporarily detach themselves from theory in order to touch the real estate reality, the construction site and its secrets.

The idea for the event stems from Andrea’s desire to always push the envelope and meet the needs of anyone who wants to discover this new and emerging world. After the great success of the Masterclass “From zero to real estate investor,” the founder of AV Group decided to extend the opportunity to learn about the world of real estate investment to those who cannot attend a full year of Masterclass. Thus an ad hoc event was born, offering a day “with a helmet on,” in which, with the support of Andrea Vendola himself, aspiring investors enter, live, discover the site. Much more than just theory.

An event that is destined to grow in resonance and numbers, considering the high participation and turnout not only of residents of the Turin urban area but also of Milanese, Bergamasks, Florentines and even Romans. Young and enterprising, Vendola is already an established name in the real estate field, enjoying credibility and trust not only in Piedmont but throughout Italy, as evidenced by his recent collaborations with partners in Puglia and Liguria. A forward-thinking young man who has been able to grasp the needs not only of a city – Turin – but of an entire nation in constant change. We at Mediability are proud to be able to work for a new and young entity like AV Group, as well as to take care of its communication through targeted press office activities.


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