Real Life Series: Ikea’s ingenious campaign recreates the living rooms of TV Series!

31 May 2019

When you think about series like Friends or The Simpsons, what comes to mind as the very first image? Certainly the iconic living rooms in which so many scenes have taken place from season to season. In the case of the yellow family from Springfield, the sofa is the undisputed protagonist right from the hilarious theme song that sees it continually at the centre of hilarious transformations. In the case of the thirty-something New Yorkers, Monica and Rachel’s living room is where it all began, as well as the place where the writers decided to end the very successful series.

And it is precisely these living rooms that could come into your home thanks to a fun idea from the Swedish giant IKEA: the initiative is called the Ikea Real Life Series and in fact sees the creation of three locations very familiar to the general public. Low prices and an astonishing performance!

The initiative involves outlets in Arab countries (Qatar, Egypt, Oman and the United Arab Emirates) and was the result of months of work. The creatives were given a list of 60 series and eventually chose three: The Simpsons, Friends and Stranger Things. Once they had selected three reference sets, all they had to do was recreate the walls and floors and then search for the Ikea pieces most similar to the originals. And that’s it!

Vinot Jayan, IKEA manager, described the initiative: “The IKEA team worked closely with the creatives for months. They went through hundreds of items to find the perfect pieces to make the living rooms truly iconic. It was a great collaborative effort that led to an amazing result.”

And the result, in fact, is really good, even if the compositions are not perfectly identical to the originals. The living room of The Simpsons is the most faithful, as you can see there is even the picture strictly tilted hanging above the brown sofa. And the picture with the boat is on sale for less than 10 euros!

Also very close to the original is the reproduction of the living room in the New York flat of Friends, with the light-coloured sofa and the low table.

IKEA advertised the Friends composition as a living room for friends, while the one inspired by Stranger Things is called a “Living room for everyone” and the presentation reads: “Each living room tells the story of the family that lives in it. And this one isn’t afraid to tell it out loud. Let your furniture do the talking…”

For the moment, these are the only TV series on the IKEA website that the company has decided to replicate, but it is not certain that they will be the last to be used to boost sales!

So, if you are looking for ideas for renovating your home or if you are simply an incurable nostalgic and binge watcher of TV series, here is how to transform your home into a TV series set! CLICK HERE

What can we say? A truly brilliant and effective communication campaign! And what do you think? And above all, would you have chosen The Simpsons, Friends and Stranger Things?