Record-breaking post: Kylie Jenner beaten by… an egg!

16 January 2019

What is the most popular post on social networks? What appears to be a challenge between world-class celebrities has a surprise winner. With more than 44.8 million hearts (or, more technically, likes) on Instagram, it’s a photo of an egg that’s shattered all records. But how is this possible? Let’s rewind the tape and reconstruct the whole story.

The historic record was set in 2018 by the famous influencer Kylie Jenner. To be an all-round star, it is now almost essential to be not only present but also very active on social networks, and the member of the Kardashian family is no exception: a few months ago she scored 18 million ‘likes’ with a photo announcing the birth of her daughter Stormi.

Post Kylie Jenner

It was a joyous event of major importance, which immediately attracted the predictable and gigantic media attention.

And today, he has been relegated to second place.

Less than a fortnight ago – on 4 January to be precise – a newborn account (World_Record_Egg) declared its aim to get as many likes as possible by sharing a nonsense photo, specifically that of an egg. No sooner said than done: within a few days, the spread and resonance of the initiative did its job, bringing the photo to the beauty of almost 45 million hearts won (so far, but the number continues to grow with each refresh of the page!): a record that is incredible, having more than doubled the appreciation received by the ‘direct competition’ on the famous social network.


To thank fans and new followers, who now total 6.8 million, the account in question has posted several stories featuring the egg over the past few days. And Kylie Jenner’s reaction? The model didn’t seem to take the news of such a sensational overtaking too well, and her response was not long in coming. The influencer posted a video on Instagram in which she is intent on throwing an egg on the asphalt: a way of sharing the news with her followers, but also a further demonstration of how we now refer to social media for all kinds of issues!