Red Bull The Brawl: in progress the third edition of the tournament, Predator technical sponsor

10 May 2021

The second edition turned out to be breathtaking; the third one is not disappointing the expectations. In these days is taking place one of the most exciting and interesting virtual tournaments in the panorama of eGames. It is the Red Bull The Brawl, the tournament based on the game Hearthstone, in its third edition.

The virtual competition, open to all, began last Wednesday – May 5 – and will continue until June 13. In this period the Hearthstone Qualifiers are being played, four rounds that will be played every week in Conquest B03 format, through one-on-one challenges, best of 3. The participants, equipped with 3 decks of different classes, will have to triumph in at least two games to continue the adventure and qualify.

The eight best players who pass the Qualifier stage will then have access to the Group Stage on June 13, in which they will join four “wild card” players to compete in the Brawl format. The Brawl format requires participants to play three matches at the same time, without breaks.

As you can see, it’s an all-out challenge, which will bring out the alertness of the challengers and the speed they will have in making decisions. The entire tournament can be followed in live streaming by fans and the community on the Twitch Red Bull Italy channel.

But what is the prize at stake? The overall winner of the tournament will be awarded a unique opportunity: to participate in the Masters Tour, the first-class competitive series dedicated to the game Hearthstone, officially organized by Blizzard. The winner will be able to compete on equal terms with the biggest names in this eSport title!

Once again, when it comes to news and events related to the world of gaming Acer can only be in the foreground. And, specifically Predator, is participating in this edition of the tournament as a technical partner. A significant commitment, that of the brand, to constantly support the Italian eSport scene.

Mediability is proud of the collaboration with a company like Acer, for which it provides constant services of analysis, press review and creation, management and publication of press releases related to its activities.