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Roofingreen and Livinwow partner in new project inaugurated by Milan Contract District

The first Home-Lab concept opens in Milan, aiming to meet a new housing style responding to the needs and tastes of future citizens, thanks to specific Design System products.

Presented by the founders of Milano Contract District, in the exhibition space of Via Archimede 4, the Livinwow design platform expresses new housing concepts and new proposals, including within the package also interior design products and services, specially designed and created to restore appeal to homes, rented or purchased for a short or long term, while always keeping as focus the objectives of sustainability and innovation and without sacrificing the characteristic Made in Italy design. Values that blend perfectly with the mission of Roofingreen, a Turin-based company born from the collaboration between a specialized architectural team and the most prestigious national research institutes, to ensure constant product improvement, renew contemporary living and meet the needs of future generations.

The modular systems offered by Roofingreen, which are characterized by ease of installation, thanks to a “jigsaw puzzle” interlocking structure that does not require maintenance, are a more than viable solution for terraces or rooftops. The adaptability, design and sustainability of Roofingreen’s products are cornerstones for the company, which, for the occasion, wanted to present two different modular systems: the first, on direct support, is designed to be used on waterproofed flat surfaces or old flat pavements; the second, divided on adjustable supports, is ideal for raised floors or for leveling uneven pavements. These systems use state-of-the-art methods, starting with their composition, with a soft yarn even in the long run, juxtaposed with the versatility of the modular system, which allows for maximum creativity. Stepping on a Roofingreen membrane provides a unique tactile and visual experience.

For Mediability, it was a source of pride to have handled the Press Office for such an important event for a proactive, cutting-edge company like Roofingreen, whose official social pages on Instagram and Facebook are already managed by the Turin-based communications agency.


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