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Roverhair selects Mediability, for green-tinged social communication

Production of refined products, dedicated to hair care in all its features; marketing of the same on the national territory but also, with substantial numbers, on an international scale. This is the reality achieved by Roverhair: healthy, stable, linked to certain founding values but more than ever open to the future.

The Turin-based company has made a name for itself over the years and is now one of the narrow circle of giants in its sector: a world that does not, as a rule, dialogue with the end customer. But it does address those who do. Roverhair provides its services and products to all local businesses that subsequently take care of their hair in a material way.

Traditions are decisive for a brand like Roverhair, which cannot disregard certain principles at the basis of its exponential growth and which, even today, it proudly displays: seriousness and professionalism go hand in hand with absolute attention to the environment, which is reflected in the production of exclusively organic and eco-friendly products.

The watchword for this brand is “sustainable beauty”. Every decision is taken with a view to remaining “nature lovers” and thus preserving the environment. In what way? By reducing our impact on the ecosystem. While not losing sight of the commercial objectives and aspects necessary for professional growth, Roverhair has decided to take this direction, combining the quest for beauty with a totally green-oriented philosophy, in the search for a cleaner world.

This feature is undoubtedly a plus in today’s market, especially for those sectors – and this is the case – that are directly related to our body, its well-being and its daily care.

To disseminate these important principles and increase its online presence, Roverhair has chosen Mediability: this 2021 has begun with a new and fascinating collaboration.

Mediability is enthusiastic and proud to be working alongside a brand like Roverhair, taking care of the entire management of social channels and organising parallel projects such as dedicated photo shoots; we are sure that many others will soon come to fruition.


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