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Social Media Intelligence

The purpose of our Social Media Reporting service is to show the perception of social media user about specific products and services and, at the same time, to collect data in order to improve it.
A Company, thanks to that, has the opportunity to know and assess its popularity on forums, blogs, and social medias, evaluating the marketing activities outcome, according to specific KPI (digital key performance indicators), in comparison with its competitors too.

Social analysis and competitive monitoring

Analysis of the Company position (mono or multi brand/product, nationally or internationally) on all social channels (social medias, blogs, forums, influencers) based on standard or ad hoc KPI and on an established benchmark.

This model gives the client the possibility to assess the communication impact and strength, both considering a single product and a direct competitor.
The analysis can be enhanced by a “so what analysis” section comprehensive of strategic suggestions (mix of contents/channel/audience), even based on the best performer features. The analysis ends with the assessment of the social index, namely the Media Coverage Analysis AVE, properly translated into the social universe thanks to an algorithm.

Database enrichment

The continuous monitoring of social channels allows the enrichment of databases of journalists, newspapers, influencers and other opinion leaders/makers. Through the proprietary listening tool it is also possible, for any country in the world, to generate a database of target sources to be monitored in the provided services.

CRM enrichment & Lead generation

CRM enrichment means the enrichment of the database through the collection, systematisation and analysis of the data collected by the social media relating to the customer’s clients.

For example: gender, geographical origin, followers number, content of posts useful to understand if he is married, has a pet, where he goes on holiday, etc… This activity completes and/or enriches the forms of marketing already in use (fidelity cards, coupons, apps, other touch points).

The Lead generation, instead, is the identification through the listening activity to potential customers of the client’s products/services. The target subject is profiled both thanks to the data coherent with the “CRM Enrichment” activity and to the direct expressions of interest towards the purchase of the product/service. predictive analyses can be developed in particularly dynamic segments such as mobile network, for example.

Event preparation & Coverage

This is an analysis to support the preparation of an event. Listening of the network identifies topics and contents on which to set the agenda, the keynote speakers to invited, the channels (sites, blogs, forums) on which to convey the event communication, any influencer to engage, the best hashtag to use.

All this in order to maximise both the promotional activities and the success of the event.

Once the event is underway and/or finished, it is possible to listen and to analyse the impact of the event on social medias in terms of posts, engagement, authors, channels, hashtags and any other interesting KPI. Moreover, this listening leads to a quantification of the Advertising Equivalent Value (AVE), both in relation to the organiser and to any other partner/guest.

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