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The presence on social channels is now an essential element for a company, but it is not enough: the watchword is quality, in order to stand out in an environment saturated with information and competitors. Structure of the editorial plan, creation of the editorial calendar, all-around management of all channels with innovative solutions, content calendaring, crisis management, influencer scouting and engagement: Mediability has experience in all the mentioned activities and many other areas related to them, for a quality result.

Social Media Strategy

A large number of Companies makes the huge mistake of dealing with social medias like they would do with traditional communication channels.

On socials, emotion is the key factor to success.
The brands with the best social strategies are the ones able to create a personal dialogue with their customers and to let their unique personality come out: users need to be continuously involved and aroused, that’s the reason why the social marketing strategy have to be tailored on their personality.
Mediability’s team of social media specialists, after an analysis of brand positioning and competitors, will study the most appropriate strategy for your reality: the choice of channels to preside over, the guidelines to the structuring of social channels where necessary, and the proposal of content and strategies.

Social Media Management

From theory to practice: the next step is to create the editorial calendar and content, both graphic and textual.

Content will be submitted through a proprietary Mediability tool, with a dedicated client panel. After approval, Mediability will take over the direct management of the selected social channels and provide ongoing strategic support, complete with periodic reports on the progress of your social visibility, both organic and paid. In fact, it is possible and advisable to include in the strategy also content sponsorship activities on the various channels.

Gestione profili personali LinkedIn

In parallel with the management of corporate social profiles, high importance is attached to initiating and maintaining active web marketing strategies and campaigns. Through a web audience analysis of the target area and a careful planning phase, it is possible to increase the visibility of the brand and its acceptance by the public.

In fact, it is possible to carry out profiling, selection and direct contact of users in target with the services/products offered, through an effective management of the personal LinkedIn profile of one or more company or entity representatives, as a reference figure of the company itself on the web. The strategy proposed by Mediability allows to use it to maximize your business and find profiled contacts that can lead to concrete feedback: in this case, refer as many target contacts as possible to the content posted by the company pages.


  • Optimization of LinkedIn profile and content posted via editorial plan. Monitoring and managing of interactions on individual posts.
  • Extraction of profiled connections and creation of an organized document with contact details: creating and/or expanding database.
  • “Connections” acquisition activities on LinkedIn to profiled audience with first message and call to action creation.
  • Quarterly reporting through dedicated tool for insights.
  • Possible purchase access to LinkedIn Premium Business on a personal company profile.


Do you want to discover more about this service? Check out our dedicated landing page.

Crisis Management

Social channels can hide critical issues: it is always good to monitor the company’s reputation and be ready, at the same time, for the management and moderation of unexpected situations.

Mediability develops this type of service on two levels: on the one hand, through its team of specialized analysts and the use of its proprietary monitoring and analysis tool, it is able to promptly detect situations of general crisis in the reputation of the Company itself, of one of its specific services or products, or of a component of Top Management, or more simply to intercept recurring criticalities or attacks by organized haters, an increasingly frequent occurrence in the world of social.

In parallel, Mediability deals with the management of the social communication of its client Companies at 360°: this transversal model allows on the one hand to identify real time and intervene very quickly and in the most appropriate manner in the management and moderation of posts/discussions/comments/articles that are critical, offensive or that may in some way compromise the company’s brand reputation.

Influencer scouting and engagement

Social, digital, marketing: everything that revolves around these areas, in recent years has seen the emergence and configuration of influencers as increasingly central figures. An influencer capable of nurturing and maximizing the resonance of the brand, through a consistent contribution of new visibility.

However, not all influencers are suitable for a specific brand, period or product. That’s why it is essential to count on a large database from which to draw, to know how to move and quickly establish direct contacts with these types of figures.
Mediability offers a complete and structured scouting activity: research, selection, direct contact and engagement of the influencer or micro-influencer, selected according to the target audience and the area of interest of the client. A search that can be structured starting from various parameters (number of followers, actual activity, resonance on the territory) and for defined areas: local, regional, national and international.
Profiles can be hired with the formula chosen by the client – payment or exchange – and intended for: advertising campaigns, social content, shooting days or video production, physical presence on site for events with social activity on the personal profile or management of the client’s account.

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Reliability and quality are the basis of our work. A team of experts will deal with your request and is ready to support you with your communication needs. Tell us about your project and we will make it a reality together. Contact us!

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