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"Show, don't tell": experiential marketing

“Show, don’t tell”.

This is the guiding principle of experiential marketing, a discipline that has been increasingly taking hold in the world of brands over the last few years.

In fact, while traditional marketing gives importance to the product or service per se and is still quite widely used in the B2B world, experiential marketing focuses predominantly on creating an actual sales experience to be offered to the end consumer.

But what does a sales experience consist of? In the highly digitized world in which we live nowadays, crowded with voices that overlap and get lost, what companies focus on is establishing a connection with the audience, engaging them sensorially and emotionally not only to sell, but also to increase their loyalty and the collection of useful data to improve from time to time relevant elements of a product or service and, above all, to personalize it.

It is not so unusual to notice brands offering consumers to interface with one of their products and/or services or participate in exclusive events in their stores or in specifically designed spaces, whether digital or physical. For example, Lush, a natural cosmetics company, makes sensory participation its strong point both in its stores, stimulating the sense of smell and touch, and in its e-commerce, with visuals and copywriting that have a strong visual impact.

The goal of experiential marketing is, therefore, to enable companies to be proficient in making the product or service interact with the everyday activities of the audience, dropping the brand into the real, practical world, without ignoring any elements of uncertainty or imperfections.

If you are interested in developing an ad hoc sales experience for your product or service, contact the Mediability’s team, the right communications agency to meet all your needs.


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