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Social Media Trend: what does the 2021 report show?

As we all know, whatever happens in our lives has consequences. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. Therefore, great consideration must be given to the effects that will still be present in society once the virus is defeated.

The mind of the consumer has undergone profound changes during this period, changes that will persist and that are already pushing brands to adapt to a new communication model. With its latest report “2021 Social Media Trends”, Talkwalker offers interesting insights to guide companies towards appropriate strategies for the year ahead.

The return to the old and the ‘4C’: the strategies

In a climate of instability, it is not surprising that trends appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. Therefore, a return to old school marketing is very likely, while more contemporary trends may disappear to make way for the past. Old but gold.

It must be kept in mind that consumers need to connect, to communicate, to not feel lonely: all this leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre for companies to ensure a faster and longer lasting retention of potential leads. In support of this theory, nostalgia marketing could be a valuable aid. The customer feels the need to escape from the negative situation of the moment, thus looking for a form of relief through communication with a brand with which he feels he has established an almost sentimental connection.

In this regard, it is very useful, from a corporate point of view, to remember to base your communication on the ‘4Cs’ of Coronavirus content. The pandemic has radically changed the consumer’s mindset. Taking up and adapting Porter’s ‘4Ps’, the four key words that are essential to setting a successful current communication tone are: Community, Contactless, Cleanliness and Compassion.

A clear example of adaptation and subsequent success is the social media giants. In fact, according to studies linked to trends in the latter, the currently dominant platforms will remain so in 2021. This is because the consumer is studied and placed at the centre of attention, going along with the flows of the moment, which allow the various platforms to remain on the crest of the wave and expand.

The importance of credibility

The good old business mantra never fails. The continuous collection and analysis of data makes us realise how much the user has changed over time. Let’s take the automotive sector as an example: according to the Gearshift annual study, today, in 40% of cases, the customer journey of a customer who wants to buy a car now starts with Google or other search engines.

To know is to know. Now more than ever, correct information is of vital importance. The line between fact and fiction on the web has always been blurred: the Covid-19 crisis has now brought the issue of misinformation even more to the fore. For this reason, brands and social channels must focus on highlighting the truth and debunking fake news.

What if we look at the glass as half full? The pandemic has also led to the development of new trends, one example being video games. It is no wonder that more and more people are taking an interest in interactive entertainment, primarily as a means of escape, because they are forced to stay indoors.

Moreover, user-generated content is a highly topical issue. Another crucial aspect for companies is therefore to make their brand increasingly engaging, making the customer feel empowered to create their own customer experience.


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