Social network, Clubhouse is the news: what it is, how it works and how to join

22 February 2021

The world of social networking is constantly evolving: it may sound like a saying, but facts speak for themselves and provide further proof. Who has never heard of Clubhouse? That’s right. In recent weeks, the latest frontier of the social world has become very popular and is already on everyone’s lips – and on their smartphones. Or is it?

Born in Silicon Valley in 2020, Clubhouse only experienced a real breakthrough in the first few months of 2021 and quickly became one of the most downloaded apps of the last few years. Let’s find out what it’s all about and what its special features are.

Clubhouse is a social network whose main feature is that it is based solely on real-time voice chats. Unlike other social networks that work with videos and images, Clubhouse involves exchanges of voice notes within special rooms created by administrators with the task of mitigating guests and their interventions.

It is therefore an innovative social network, because it allows an interactive exchange between users who access the rooms according to their interests, while offering the moderators the opportunity to make themselves known and to publicise their activities. Thanks to the use of voice instead of tweets or posts, it creates the possibility to empathise with the participants in the live broadcasts.

But can anyone have access to Clubhouse? The answer so far is no, and this exclusivity is one of the most fascinating aspects of this platform. Apart from the age requirement, Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS, so it is a kind of exclusive for Apple users. And in any case, the requirements are not finished.

While any user using an iOS device can download the app, in order to gain effective access it is necessary to receive an invitation from a contact who already has a profile within the social network. A series of requirements that aim to make the presence on the social network not so obvious. Another point in favour of the platform is privacy, which is guaranteed to users thanks to the definitive elimination of conversations once the room is closed.