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Social pills: discovering engagement

Social media has become an essential element of communication, both in our daily lives and in corporate marketing. And it is on this last aspect that I would like to focus your attention.

What better way to advertise a product than through social media? Yes, because an advertisement in a newspaper, on the radio or on TV will only be seen or heard by certain users, who may not be very interested in the product. What’s more, if these users wanted to report the news to their colleague, friend or relative who was more interested in the product than them, they would have to communicate it in words, risking diminishing the “wow” effect of the advertising campaign, for example by only saying the price or running the risk of getting names, models or even brands wrong. On social media, however, with a simple click on the famous “Share” button, the above-mentioned friend would see the advertising campaign exactly as it was designed by the company’s marketing department. And that is the power of social media. But are you sure you know how to make the most of this enormous potential?

First of all, it must be clear what engagement is. This term is defined as the ability of a product (or a brand in general) to create lasting and solid relationships with users, establishing a direct relationship between the two.

Why is engagement so important? Precisely because by knowing the tastes of our users we can design engaging and incisive advertising campaigns. We need to listen to them, observe them, and establish connections with them. In other words, we need to create an emotional attachment to the product or brand. If you think about it for a moment, you certainly have companies, brands or products that you love, to which you feel very attached and for which you would be willing to spend that extra euro because they have your trust. That’s what engagement is all about: a user who stays loyal.

Utopia? No. Every company can achieve it by following a few little tricks.

First of all, we need to define our target users. Who are we addressing? It is essential to draw a sketch of our target audience in order to devise an effective marketing strategy. We think about everything: age, gender, interests, type of work, marital status, hobbies and anything else that comes to mind. The better you define it, the greater the chance you have of intercepting it. Once you have defined your target audience, it will be easier to understand their habits and therefore at what times it is best to publish a post to get the most views. Take advantage of targeted advertisements and sponsorships, because in this way you will be able to reach all those people who do not yet follow you on social networks but who may be interested in doing so.

And now it starts. You can, for example, propose surveys and questions. This will help the user to feel part of your business reality. Giving the opportunity to comment and give feedback shortens the distance. By responding to your users’ phrases, you will make them feel important and encourage them to comment again and again, and maybe even share the post itself.

Look for images and videos that capture attention. According to Forrester Research, a one-minute video has the same communicative effectiveness as about 1.8 million words. A funny or original image will make people remember the product. Try to think about which ads from the past few years have stuck in your mind. Didn’t they all have something distinctive and special? A particular image or phrase? Then create empathy through high-impact elements, perhaps departing from the usual product description ad. Try to be original and ask yourself “Would I share this advert?”. The answer must be ‘yes’.

And finally, analyse the results of your work. Every social activity can be analysed to see which posts and activities were effective and which were shared the most. In this way you can create more effective posts and increase engagement.

Mediability is totally immersed in this social reality! Our creative team will help you study targeted and incisive advertising campaigns; the social team will publish and study the results of the posts; and finally the analysis team will prepare an accurate analysis of your work. We are here for you!



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