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Sport Auto Award 2020, what a triumph for Alfa Romeo Giulia: four prizes

SPORT AUTO, the famous German magazine that allows its readers to express their opinions on an annual basis, has recently held its annual vote. What could be described as the twenty-eighth edition of this now traditional event, has brought clear results in terms of the tastes and appreciation of the public, who have chosen their favourite cars from a range of 230 models in 18 different categories.

As far as Alfa Romeo is concerned, it was a real success, exceeding even the best expectations. The Italian sports saloon has always found favour with voters, collecting important prizes, but never before had the vote been so overwhelming: it received four awards.

This year around 13,000 people voted, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia came first in four different categories of the competition. Let’s see them in detail. In the section dedicated to imported cars, the award went to the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, which triumphed among the “standard saloon/Station Wagon over €100,000” with 44.7% of the votes.

Prizes were also awarded to the Giulia and Giulia Veloce, respectively in the ‘standard Berlin/Station Wagon up to €75,000’ and ‘standard Berlin/Station Wagon up to €50,000’ categories, with 47.5% and 45% of the vote respectively. Numbers that certify a truly overwhelming supremacy.

The icing on the cake, however, came from what was perhaps the most eagerly awaited award, but which is no less important for that. On the contrary, it underlines the work done by Alfa Romeo in recent years and the positive impact it has on the public on a daily basis, which is reflected in the feedback. In fact, in the category “Standard saloon/Station Wagon up to 100,000 euro” the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio triumphed once again, for the fourth year running.

A real jubilation for the Italian sedan, which continues to reap the rewards of programming and quality work. As always, it is with pride that Mediability walks alongside Alfa Romeo and will continue to offer the industry giant its analysis and press review services.


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