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Sustainability as a marketing strategy

A company can focus on various factors when promoting its product: from practical and functional features to the status the product allows the customer to achieve, from innovation to sharing the same values as the target audience.

There is, however, one marketing and positioning strategy that has been gaining ground in many sectors in recent years and on which many companies are now relying to increase sales and profits: sustainability.

With changing times and a growing awareness among more and more people, especially among the younger generations, consumers no longer look only at the efficacy, status or values of a product but also focus on its sustainability.

This is why companies, in order to keep up with the times, have to adapt their production processes and products first of all to the regulations and standards imposed by the law, but above all to use sustainability as a value on which to focus to promote the product.

“Sustainability innovation”, if integrated into the company’s strategies and choices, can, on the one hand, cut costs and in the long term lead to an increase in profits within the company, but at the same time it contributes enormously to improving the company’s image, which thus becomes closer to the consumer.
Sustainable choices can be made in all areas, such as production processes, packaging and the product itself. This benefits the company, the consumer and above all the environment.

Sustainability in the automotive sector

In the automotive sector, for example, more and more brands are focusing on new hybrid or fully electric models. This makes consumers much more willing to buy a car if they are aware that it does not pollute and that they can save a lot of money on fuel costs in the long run, in addition to the fact that they can benefit from the many substantial bonuses that exist for those who buy hybrid or electric cars.
So, having a product that is functional and efficient but sustainable has a big impact on purchasing behaviour.

Communicating sustainability

In addition to creating products that are truly sustainable, it is necessary for the brand to communicate this quality effectively. It is important to highlight the company’s sustainability with effective advertising campaigns that really show the company’s effort in creating a sustainable product and how it manages to find creative and innovative solutions unlike its competitors.

As we have already said, many companies in the automotive sector have already decided to embrace this revolution, in part or in full. These include our main customers, such as the FCA Group.

They are making a commitment to an increasingly ecological and sustainable future a reality. Mediability is pleased to support them on this new path, through the press review and analysis services it has been providing for some time.


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