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The 3 strengths of Netflix's "Tudum" launched by Sanremo 2022

At least once in your life you will have opened the Netflix app imitating its unmistakable sound. We are talking about the memorable “Tudum,” undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the streaming platform. Precisely because of its immediacy, this sound was chosen as the protagonist of the Netflix commercial for Sanremo 2022.

The campaign is called “Tudum Stories” and is as simple as it is brilliant, to the point that it can be studied as an emblematic case of marketing and communication.

Several very common scenes of everyday life are brought together in the commercial, but in each one the protagonists notice a detail reminiscent of the beginning of a “movie” story, and it is at this moment that they exclaim “tudum.”

The first strength lies in the fact that not a single word is spoken during the commercial. The only exception is just the very short musical sound “tudum,” which in this way is highlighted and easily imprinted in the minds of viewers.

Also, for the first time, no scenes from movies or TV series are chosen to showcase the platform’s content, and the protagonists are not famous actors. These elements constitute the second strong point: with its latest campaign, Netflix Italy wants to celebrate its viewers. In fact, they want to make Netflix fans 360° participants, communicating that anyone can become the protagonist of a unique story, just like the ones that can be seen on the screen.

Finally, this connects to the third strong point, which is the slogan “when a great story is about to begin, you feel it.” This is a simple but ingenious phrase that appears with strategic graphics: the colors recall those of the logo, with the first part of the wording white and the second part red, on a black background that highlights it. In addition, the first part recalls the service offered by Netflix, through reference to the various stories in its catalog and the adjective “great” that brings out their quality; the second part, on the other hand, refers to the “tudum,” which is identified as the brand’s distinctive sound and can be heard immediately afterwards, at the same time as the logo appears.

Thanks to these characteristics, the Netflix Italy commercial was enormously successful and has now gone viral. The choice of Sanremo 2022 for its launch, seemingly not so relevant, actually turned out to be a winning strategy: the Rai program scored very high ratings, reaching a record of more than 13 million viewers for the final night. It is evident, therefore, that this also contributed to the spot’s visibility.

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