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The AIDA model: virtues, flaws and developments

Originated in the last years of the nineteenth century by its originator Elmo Lewis, the AIDA model represents one of the pillars of marketing. The word is nothing more than an acronym and stands for: attention, interest, desire and action. These four words represent the four steps necessary for the effective promotion of a product or service.

Starting with attention, customers must be attracted to the product or service, which must be at this first stage perceived. Attraction must later lead to interest, which must be such that customers feel a desire to own that product or use that service. Finally, the last transition involves inducing customers, by this strong desire, to proceed with an action toward the promoting company, and in most cases this action corresponds to a purchase.

This formula is as simple as it is effective, and it is precisely this simplicity that has ensured its longevity. Even today, the AIDA model is still used by companies and is considered a cornerstone of marketing strategies.

However, the model also has limitations that have been noted over the years as society and thus customers’ desires have evolved. The most frequently mentioned criticism concerns the absence, according to the model, of an after-sales service that takes care of customers, assisting them even after the purchase and aimed at building their loyalty.

The change brought about by technological evolution has made our society become consumer centric, and this harms to some extent those realities that stop at the purchase stage, without caring to follow the customer even at a later stage. It is, therefore, up to companies to find a method to retain their customers since acquiring new ones has a greater cost than maintaining existing ones, and to do this, companies rely on communication agencies that approach them at the pre- and post-sales communication stage.

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