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The collaboration between Horizon and IrenGO is born: the official press release

Horizon is the first mobility Hub in Italy and, through a personalized and continuous advice for the choice of vehicles and services, guarantees the buyer a “stress-free and zero thoughts” service.

This start-up has among its objectives the reduction of environmental impact. For this reason, the collaboration with IrenGO was born: with the aim of supporting companies, public and private entities in the choice of electrified vehicles (Hybrid, Plug-in and Full electric) by proposing different types and models of charging stations, according to customer needs.

IrenGO provides innovative services with 100% green energy, wallboxes and columns that can be customized according to the needs of the buyers, with the possibility to choose the power, the accessibility and the number of sockets available and always guaranteeing the maximum reliability and maintenance.

Customers can choose, among a wide range of electric cars, the most convenient one thanks to the support of Horizon experts and then agree with IrenGO the best offer for the recharge, having also at disposal a complete picture of the columns present on the territory.

It must be remembered that long-term rental of electrified cars offers state and regional incentives in addition to a number of advantages in terms of mobility, such as access to ZTL or Ecobonus, free or reduced payment parking in the blue lines and savings on maintenance, fuel and insurance.

Mediability is proud to provide services of realization, management and publication of press releases related to the activities of a stimulating and ambitious reality as Horizon, which constantly proposes innovative solutions for an electric mobility with zero emissions.



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