The iconic Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda on show at the Triennale Design Museum

20 April 2018

Two icons of Italian design and automotive history, Fiat 500 N and Fiat Panda, are part of the eleventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum entitled Storie. Italian Design. The exhibition, which opened on 14 April and runs until 20 January 2019, tells the story of Italian design through 180 iconic 20th-century pieces and a plurality of stories, which help to define its complex nature.

The two cars, a Fiat 500 N and a Fiat Panda 30, dated 1958 and 1980 respectively, belong to the precious collection of FCA Heritage, the Group department dedicated to the protection and promotion of the historical heritage of FCA’s Italian brands. Chosen for their ability to represent the daily lives of an entire generation, or rather an entire country, the Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda have, over the years, combined technology with sentiment, leaving an indelible mark and becoming symbols of their era.

Mediability’s press review and media analysis department is proud to work alongside a client who, in different eras, has represented the perfect synthesis of style, innovation and emotion, giving life to authentic masterpieces in the history of the industry.