The press review, this unknown…

13 March 2019

The press review is considered an added value of corporate communication. For companies in particular, the press review today is not just a promotional activity, but the backbone of the company.

If the work is efficient and quality is put before quantity, the press review provides insight into the brand reputation on the web, its perception in society and also helps to predict a potential communication crisis. It is often able to determine the actual weight of a company in the reference sector, confirming its visibility and becoming an excellent marketing tool.

An efficient press review is organised in customised dossiers, in which the necessary documents can be found on the basis of search filters; the files belonging to the press review are sorted according to specific guidelines, which can range from country to number of pages; and above all, in order for the commissioning parties to remain informed about the press review, it is important that it is updated daily.

In a world where information has become redundant, the press review is therefore an essential tool for keeping a company’s profile under control as much as possible and monitoring the real progress of its communication. It is a complex task, which must necessarily be well articulated and adapted to the different needs of each company. This is why it is essential to turn to professionals in the sector such as Mediability, which offers a complete press review for national and multinational companies. Contact us for a personalised quote and have your brand under control!