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The Tridente Renaissance: Maserati and the electric epic towards a sustainable future

Nearly one hundred and ten years after its birth in the Bologna stables, Maserati is about to change to stay true to itself. Innovation and tradition have always blended well in Tridente‘s DNA, and with the announcement made May 11 at this year’s Motor Valley Fest, it is even clearer. On this occasion, the entire city of Modena became the ideal stage to greet the legendary 580-hp 90° Twin Turbo V8, which will be the last thermal engine the company will produce. In fact, the entire Maserati range will feature an electric version of each model by 2025, and Maserati will be full-electric by 2030.

In Greek mythology, the mighty gods Zeus and Poseidon were associated with powerful natural elements: lightning and the sea. Today Maserati pays homage to these symbols of power and greatness with its innovative range of electric vehicles, called the Folgore. The announcement of the Maserati Grecale Folgore and Maserati GranTurismo Folgore, which are respectively the Modenese brand’s first electric SUV and first electric supercar, was the first step toward this change. The Folgore, emblem of the King of Olympus, is here a symbol of technological innovation, with speed, power and sustainability as priorities, to give the electrifying sensation of driving a force of nature.

The gradual abandonment of internal combustion engines and the increasing attention to the environment can be felt in the small details, such as the interior of the new Grecale, which will be made by recycling plastic from fishing nets recovered from the sea, showing the new face of Maserati. “The time has come for legends to give way to myths”: this seems to be the message the company wants to send by putting its Folgore in the spotlight.

In addition to these two vehicles, the Modena stage also displayed the GEN3 Maserati Tipo Folgore, the single-seater that has been competing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship since this year. A presence aimed at celebrating the recent return to the tracks, from which Maserati has been missing since the 1960s. The decision to participate in the Formula E championship does underscore the seriousness with which the company has taken the transition to electric. The culmination of this electrification process was the announcement, mentioned above, that it intends to have an electric version of every model by 2025 and to be full-electric by 2030.

Maserati, a pioneer by nature, is set to dominate the road and the market with its new generation of electric vehicles by combining power and sustainability. The commitment to unite the brand’s signature performance with care for the environment is an act of love for the future to preserve the beauty of the planet so that it can still be seen whizzing out the window.

Mediability is proud to support Maserati in this innovative journey, collecting the stories that magazines and newspapers around the world report on a daily basis and offering a timely analysis of this centuries-old epic that is still changing course to go in the same direction it always has: forward.



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