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Threads, the new social web phenomenon

It all started in July 2023, when Meta announced a major innovation, a new social network that would revolutionise the networking landscape: Threads. Protagonist of a record debut with 30 million downloads, Threads was initially only available in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

It took a few months before Meta’s newcomer landed in Italy as well, where it depopulated in December 2023. But what is it and how does Threads work? Born as a microblogging-type social network, it is proposed as an area dedicated above all to the sharing of short portions of text, but also allows the possibility of uploading links, photos and videos. The current limits are 500 characters per post and 5 minutes for videos.

Users can choose whether to create the Threads profile by linking it to their Instagram account or to their phone number and, for safety reasons, minors under 16 years of age are automatically created in private mode.

Thanks to the creation of a black list, in which one can enter words or topics that one does not want to read or have appear on one’s social profile, Threads allows users to delve into specific topics and improve their web experience. Finally, Threads brings with it another novelty, in that Meta wants to make it operable with other applications such as WordPress, allowing the user greater autonomy. A real innovation.


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